Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ChocolateBet: June 2, 2009

Chocolate of the Day:

2 oz.
Crave Chocolatier
"Chili Fire Chips Drenched in Chocolate"
Good +
Weight: 2 oz.(56 g.)/~9 oz. (255 g.) total bag (estimate)
Calories: 300 calories (estimate) in 2 oz.
Cost: $10.00 (+ shipping for online orders)
Purchased from: Crave Chocolatier, Birmingham, Alabama

I'm working my way through the chip family. I've enjoyed chocolate-covered potato chips, and Fritos. This is the first time I've sampled spicy tortilla chips drenched in chocolate.

I enjoyed the combination (and as usual I salute anyone trying something a bit different with chocolate). I wonder how crushed pieces would be drizzled over chicken mole?

Chocolate countdown: 5 more days until I've eaten my 1,000th different chocolate in as many days.

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