Sunday, September 23, 2007

ChocolateBet: June 26, 2007

Chocolate of the Day:
1 sucker
Chocolate Caramel sucker
~.75 oz.
Very Good
~ 100 calories
(Brought with me; had purchased a small bag of these suckers at Bed Bath & Beyond in Mountain View, CA)

Misc.: Today I went down a big water slide into the pool at the lodge by the lake where we've been staying for a family reunion in Minnesota. Water slides seem to be huge out here. It's hard to believe that it gets so cold here in the winter. Maybe this is why water slides are big. People are trying to make hay, while the sun shines. We are spoiled on the West Coast. We can walk to the store and buy chocolate, or anything else, any time of the year without freezing to death. Chocolate foraging year-long, unconstrained by weather.

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