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Summerbird Chokolade - Amber Organic Chocolate Miniature (Assortment) - Sept. 8, 2023

Chocolate(s) of the Day

Summerbird Chokolade
Amber Organic Chocolate Miniature (Assortment)
1.) Mint Noir - Amber Noir Chocolate, Mint, Caramel - Good - Good +
2.) Liquorice - Amber Classic Chocolate + Liquorice - Good +
3.) Fleur D' Orange Praline - Amber Classic Chocolate - Good +
4.) Vanilla - Amber Blond Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel - Good +
Weight: 1.41 oz. (45 g.) box of 8 small filled chocolates (4 flavors x 2)
Calories: 246 calories for 1 box of 8 pieces
Cost: $ N/A - free gift with hotel stay

Today's Summerbird Chokolade (Denmark) Organic mixed chocolates were from Denmark. Note: This petite assortment was the second chocolate item of two featured today. (See the previous post for the first item: a Smooth 72% Cocoa Dark Chocolate (bar) from Endangered Species Chocolate, LLC (Indianapolis, IN).

Aroma notes varied according to the flavor, and included sweet chocolate with faint caramel notes, and notes that corresponded to each of the flavor additions: mint, liquorice, orange and vanilla/caramel, respectively.

The outer couverature chocolate layers were smooth in texture, and the inner ganache (fillings) had sweet soft caramel and/or ganache layers inside.

Flavor notes included: sweet light chocolate (slightly caramelized white chocolate) and darker sweet chocolate, plus four different flavor additions: 1.) mint extract or natural flavor, 2.) sweet liquorice, 3.) pleasant, sweet and slightly floral orange, and 4.) sweet caramel and vanilla. 

These pretty little "amber"* chocolate confections tasted like caramel-infused, milky white chocolates. Sugar was the number one ingredient (and they also contained other processed sugars/syrups). They were low in cocoa solids; but real cocoa butter was a plus. (There were no added vegetable oils.)

These confections were too sweet for me; but they may appeal to those with a sweet tooth. Given the relatively high sugar levels, the small pieces were just the right size for tasting.

Ingredients: "*sugar, *cocoa butter (23%), *invert sugar syrup, *milk powder (14%), *cocoa mass (8%), *hazelnuts, *glucose syrup, *butter, water, emulsifier (*soy lecithin), *liquorice powder, *vanilla, *lemon juice, Maldon Seasalt, *blood orange oil, Laeso Salt, *orange blossom water, *peppermint oil"

Allergen-related information: Contains milk, hazelnut, soy. (Glucose source not identified.)

*Amber chocolate is a light caramel-hued, Nordic chocolate with a milky texture and sweet, faint fruit flavor that is "not dark, milk or white chocolate."

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