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Shekoh Confections - Passion Fruit - June 3, 2022

Chocolate of the Day

Shekoh Confections
Passion Fruit 
Good +++ 
Weight: .42 oz. (11.9 g.) (estimate) in 1 piece
Calories: 65 calories (estimate) in 1 piece
Cost: $4.40 (estimate) 
Purchased from: Shekoh Confections, Palo Alto, CA

Welcome to Day #10 of Chocolate and Fruit Theme Week.

Today's Passion Fruit chocolate was created by Shekoh Confections (Palo Alto, CA).

Chef Shekoh Moossavi offers a variety of filled confections with no preservatives, made fresh to order--and select pieces of high-end, edible chocolate art. (There were life-sized chocolate high-heeled shoes, and pretty yellow cocoa pods (cacao fruit) in display cases in her shop the day I visited.)

Passion Fruit chocolate

The aroma of today's Passion Fruit chocolate was difficult to detect at first. What this glossy yellow beauty may have lacked in scent, due to the "painted" and sealed dome exterior, it more than made up for with appearance and flavor.

This well-executed filled chocolate confection had a pretty daisy yellow exterior, with a creamy, yellow-tinged white chocolate interior, and a slim, firm and smooth dark chocolate shell in between.

The Passion Fruit piece had perfectly balanced textures and flavors: bittersweet dark chocolate paired very nicely with authentic tart sweet passion fruit (seamlessly integrated into the white chocolate ganache). The sweetness was held in check by the choice of dark chocolate and tart tropical fruit. Flavorful? Mai oui (yes indeed).

As with all great chocolates, eat slowly to best enjoy the high-quality, layered flavors.

Description: "Passion fruit puree and white chocolate shelled in Valrhona dark chocolate."

Ingredients: Not listed on small assortment box

Allergen-related information: Not listed on small assortment box

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