Monday, March 28, 2011

ChocolateBet: March 28, 2011

Chocolate(s) of the Day:

Christopher Elbow - 4 individual pieces
1.) Balsamic Caramel (2 pieces) - Very Good
2.) Spiced Pear - Very Good - Very Good +
3.) Vanilla Cognac - Very Good - Very Good +

I always enjoy visiting Cocoa Bella in San Francisco; they carry individual chocolates from some fine chocolate artisans. Christopher Elbow chocolates look like small works of art.

The two "Balsamic Caramels" were worth framing, or treating as subjects for a chocolate still life. I, however, ate them instead. Other than a very slight salad dressing taste, these pieces filled with a rich, dark caramel filling were very good. Not all balsamic vinegar flavored chocolates trigger the salad taste, but vinegar and wine are very tricky flavors to blend. And it's easy to associate vinegar flavors with salad.

The bright green, faceted "Spiced Pear" was filled with a bottom layer of dark ganache and a top layer of almost liquid pear caramel. Sadly, this piece was cracked a bit by the time I unwrapped this bag at home. Next time, perhaps I'll bring a small box to protect them.

Last, but not least,  I tried Christopher Elbow's "Vanilla Cognac" chocolate, covered in gradated, black licorice colored shell. It was filled with a dark chocolate ganache that was flavored with vanilla and aged French Cognac, worthy of eating slowly.

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