Friday, February 18, 2011

ChocolateBet: February 18, 2011

Chocolate of the Day:
1 square
Holy Chocolate
Single Origin Hawaiian Milk 38% square
Good +
Weight: .89 oz. (25 g.)
Calories: 134 calories (estimate)
Cost: $8.75 for assortment package of 6 squares
Purchased from: Draegers, in San Mateo, CA

I'm working my way through a pile of Holy Chocolate gold ingots. The company's assortment pack of six individually wrapped squares -- each from different parts of the cocoa-growing world, speaks to the range of meanings associated with the term single origin. For example, today's chocolate is a Single Origin Hawaiian Milk Chocolate (38%) square. Most single origin chocolates are dark chocolates. Does the milk have to come from the same origin as the cacao beans? I don't know the answer to this question.

Today was Day #6 of Chocolate and Single Origin Theme Week.

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