Sunday, November 15, 2009

ChocolateBet: November 14, 2009

Chocolate of the Day:
half of 3 pieces
Cerreta Candy Company/Cerreta's Fine Chocolates

1.) French Mint - Good +
2.) Dark Chocolate Orange - Very Good
3.) Roman Rum - Good +
Weight: .75 oz. (21.2 g.) for half of 3 pieces
Calories: 112 calories (estimate) for half of 3 pieces
Cost: $2.73 for 3 pieces
Purchased from: Cerreta Candy Company, in Glendale, Arizona

Stretching out my haul from last week's visit to the Cerreta Candy Company in Arizona, I enjoyed three more chocolates today. Splitting the chocolates with Alec meant I could justify tasting more than one. Thank you Alec for driving, so I could unwrap and pull apart chocolates on the drive up to San Francisco. My favorite was the dark chocolate orange; although it looked like the French Mint was a big seller at Cerreta's. Thank you also to Jerry "the Chocolate Man" at Cerreta's. (Jerry is part of the Cerreta family business -- one of four sons involved in running Cerreta Candy Co.; and from what I gather the one most closely tied to chocolate operations.)

FYI, for those in the Phoenix, AZ, area, Cerreta's also offers tours.

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