Friday, September 21, 2007

ChocolateBet: January 17, 2007

Today I had one piece of Cap Candy's (Harry Potter) Chocolate Frog (with Crisped Rice). The frog, which weighed .55 oz/16 g. was good. It was overpriced (even though it came with a "Wizard Card"); but then I did choose to buy it. This reminds me how much money must have poured into the Harry Potter-related empire over the past several years, and how I missed the last Harry Potter movie -- which I should probably try to see, before the next one comes out later this year. Years ago I read the first book with my daughter when it came out and first became popular. I think we finished the book, but I think by the time the first movie came out, she was thinking the series was too young for her. And so she left things Harry Potter behind her, with a dismissive wave...much as she'd done when she'd outgrown Barbie dolls or Beanie Babies. However, she did have a brief renewed interest in the subject when the Harry Potter branded jelly beans came out in disgusting flavors like ear wax, barf, grass, dirt, etc. Kids loved those. I'm happy to say that the chocolate frog was pretty plain in comparison.

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